When you skip Voting It's not Rebellion, It's Surrender

Definition of a Ballot initiative

Also called a ballot measure, referendum or proposition.A ballot initiative is a proposed piece of legislation (a law) that people can vote on.

To learn more about any proposition or ballot measure look at your Official Voter Information Guide that was sent to you by the CA Secretary of State. This guide also has information about who supports (FOR) and who is against (AGAINST) these propositions and why.


You can also learn more about Ballot Measures by visiting:

1) the California Secretary of State website: www.sos.ca.gov

2) Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder's office website: www.lavote.net

3) Los Angeles City Clerk's office website: clerk.lacity.org

4) Ballotpedia website: www.ballotpedia.org

5) KCET: www.kcet.org/ballot-brief This particular link has a video about all the above propositions.